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Thoughts is Looked by Someone

Words are communication tools, but what are your thoughts? Thoughts are things that we think, imagine, and consider in our minds. That convinces us. However, thoughts have surprising power we do not understand. I want to reveal a tremendous truth about thoughts. Someone sees your thoughts, undoubtedly.

Questioner/ That’s an interesting topic. Can you tell me more about who sees our thoughts and how they have this power?

Invisible existences are constantly seeing your thoughts from other dimensions. Invisible beings respond to particular wavelengths emitted by your thoughts. If that wavelength of thought is harmful, that negative wavelength attracts harmful existences. On the other hand, the positive wavelength attracts good beings. Therefore, all people need to pay attention to their thoughts as self-responsibility because they must avoid being controlled by invisible presences.

Questioner/ Have you ever had any personal experiences with these invisible beings or their influence on your thoughts?

I am experiencing that every day because I can immediately communicate with invisible presences using telepathy. They already know my thoughts before I contact them. They can see all people’s minds freely. I confirmed that when I had an out-of-body experience. I, who existed in another world, could see everything in this world the same as I usually see this world, so they, in other dimensions, can see all people’s behavior or thoughts. Not only do they see thoughts but also behaviors or daily things. They seem to see through just like a magic mirror.

Questioner/ Wow, that’s quite a unique perspective! Can you explain more about how you communicate with these invisible beings through telepathy?

I can quickly communicate when I focus on or contact someone’s consciousness. No matter how far away I am, I will be instantly connected. Distance is not related. Partners are aliens, ghosts, demons, and essentially God. It is nothing related to religion. I gained spiritual abilities from opening my third eye by meditating independently 30 years ago. I will increase the number of people that have a spiritual awakening like me. If so, I can increase partners who have telepathic abilities worldwide. Therefore, I have written many books about spiritual philosophy because I want to tell the spiritual truth that no one knows.


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