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Remove the Misunderstanding About “The Existence of the Mind”

Many people lose sight of humans’ essence that it is most important because we misunderstand “The existence of the mind.”
Thus, we can’t basically obtain unknown abilities because they are hidden in the deepest part of our mind as invisible.
Because nowadays, it is said that the mind exists as a part of the brain and is like material.


Understand Where the Mind Exists

The existence of the mind is located in the center of our soul and exists as an invisible situation with the size of a volleyball around our hearts. The mind doesn’t exist in the brain because the mind is not a substance.
Thus no one can see the existence of the mind but, everyone can feel it.

Meanwhile, the mind entity wanders back and forth between each dimension, usually from hell to various heaven depending on the mental condition.
And then, your mind stays somewhere to settle down for a long time.
You are familiar with the place whereof which is various heaven or hell your mind indicates.

Therefore, You will be able to recognize who you are is by understanding your mind indicates what kind of stage of dimension.
If you could understand the place where your mind indicates, your meditation is best.
You should always concentrate on the mind as an invisible situation with a ball shape around the heart.

And it would help if you believe that your mind is always shining in heaven.
If that happens, you come to be able to intervene as your consciousness in the spiritual world exists in your mind.
It is most important to believe it definitely.

Don’t You Have a Misunderstanding?

First of all, everyone should remove a misunderstanding about the existence of the mind.
Previously, when I asked someone where the mind exists, most people pointed their heads with their hands.
However, when I asked kids about that, they pointed to their hearts in their chests with hands.
The kids can recognize the right existence of the mind obediently and undoubtedly because they have pure hearts and minds.

The Influence of Beliefs in The Society

In contrast, we adults have a weak point. We accept and believe anything from any influencer, politician, scholar, or scientist without thinking deeply to their words.

This big cause is that the background of current society that believes in materialism causes too many people to misunderstand.

Especially the lie or fake news that everyone is spreading, and people believe them.
They only believe in visible things like substances and materials, and they can’t accept invisible things. These are the common beliefs of people.

Unfortunately, They don’t believe and accept the existence of the mind that the mind is the center of our life/ soul.

A Fatal Mistake for Human Beings

However, in fact, misunderstanding the existence of the mind makes a fatal mistake for human beings.
“ mind” never exists in the brain as material, as mentioned by the brain scientist.

Conversely, I will prove things that the mind exists in the invisible world shortly.

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