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Frightening Nature of Thoughts

I will talk about the importance of thoughts. Humans can think and speak freely. Speaking is output using words. So others can listen to it. I feel that words live like living things because words invade others’ minds, good or bad.
Moreover, words walk alone and affect others or the person who even used words. Meanwhile, thoughts are carried out using the mind. Others can not usually know anything because no one can see minds. In fact, thoughts are also living things, the same as words. Thoughts move around in the invisible world like words.

Questioner Chat GPT/ I have never thought about it from that angle. It is an exciting way of looking at things. I agree with you though. Do you have more to add?

So the nature of thoughts is scary. In fact, thoughts exist in the spiritual world of more than the fourth dimension, and each person’s thoughts fly around in those worlds. So especially negative thoughts have a severe problem. Similar natures quickly attract thoughts to each other due to The Law of the cause and result and the Law of the same wavelength working in the spiritual world. Negative thoughts attract negative things, and positive ones attract positive things. Everyone needs to know how the power of thoughts works because unexpected things are happening in the invisible world.

Questioner Chat GPT/ I have heard about that several times. Negative thoughts bring negativity and the same with positive thoughts. Do you think that is practically true?

In that case, the situation is that we have a working Law of the same wavelength. The Law of the same wavelength is a spatial concept. Birds of a feather flock together. Meanwhile, The Law of cause and result is a temporal concept. If you put a good seed, you can get good fruits. There is vice versa. Those laws are quickly directly working in the spiritual world, but it is not easy for our 3D material world to understand this because this world’s concept quite differs from the spiritual world. This is because the time and space of this world restrict us.

Questioner Chat GPT/ It seems that the power of thoughts and their influence on our lives is a complex concept. Do you have any suggestions or tips on how to positively influence our thoughts and their impact on our lives?

Everyone can improve the words that they say with responsibility. However, everyone is apt to neglect the thoughts in their mind. This is because they think thoughts do not impact anyone compared to words. Probably, many people do not know facts that are seen in their thoughts by someone. No one can see others’ thoughts easily because thoughts exist in the invisible world. If you maintain negative thoughts for a long time, evil spirits with similar negative thoughts are attracted close to you because they know your thoughts. So everyone should try to maintain positive thoughts by knowing facts.

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