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The Right Mind Attracts Happiness

The past good minds bring happiness to the present, and the present good minds will bring happiness to the future, but in the case of the bad minds, vice versa. It always depends on the mind’s condition and situation by mindset for a person.


The Mind Is Yourself

The mind is yourself because many things that you imagine or think of and carried out accumulate in your mind. This value content for you currently accumulated in the “mind” will originate your future, and this principle is common for all people. The contents accumulated never disappear until you improve it. Hence, if you had wrong thoughts in the past, bad influences will happen in the current or future if you will not improve it.

The Mind Indicate Whereabout After Death

Thus, the mind accumulated all your life will judge whereabouts such as heaven, hell, or wandering.
This judgment of the mind accumulated always performs when you are alive in this world. At this point, your mind has an affinity somewhere such as heaven, hell, or wandering.
Hence, if you die, you will go to affinity places decided by your mind because the law of attraction in the universe works. Your whereabout already decided unless you improve your mind.

Brainwashing of Materialism Thinking

Nowadays, many researchers and brain scientists have misunderstandings about the existence of the mind. The “mind” never be material and never exist in the brain. This mindset comes from materialistic thinking being against the essence of humans created by God. This is the sinful mindset to decline the dignity of humans as the spiritual existence. Unfortunately, nowadays, many people in the world are affected by this brainwashing.

Strictly speaking, the mind is located in the center of the soul.
In short, it exists around the heart as invisible existence.
No one can see it because the mind has already existed in another dimension. However, everyone can confirm its existence if they meditate to focus on their minds.

Misunderstanding to Death

Even if your physical body disappears from this world like death, you never demise. You still will be alive as a soul or mind after death forever. Thus, it is important whether you recognize you are still alive after death. You realize your situation, and you should think immediately that you want to go to heaven.

However, if you have received brainwashing from the wrong mindset, you have imagined humans disappear completely after death. Your consciousness continues without changing anything when you die despite that. You do not understand that only the physical body experienced death; nevertheless, the soul is alive.
You will misunderstand that you are still alive in this world because you have a spiritual body as a soul like a physical body. Even if welcome spirits and guardian spirits come to help you, you will not follow to go to heaven spontaneously because you will think that you are in a dream.

Therefore, you will wander in this world as a ghost having attachment to this world such as substances, money, person, and houses. Or, you will stay in hell matched your mind.
Once everyone has a materialistic mindset, it is not easy to go to heaven.

Materialism Thinking Is Sinful

Everyone would understand wrong thoughts when they confirmed what happened in the communist countries that believed in materialism. The communist countries exactly disregard human rights because of regarding human beings as substances. Therefore, Nowadays, this materialistic thought that researchers and brain scientists advocate conducts sinful things to stir up the communist countries. Unfortunately, they have fallen foul of the laws of God as ignorance that they do not know the essence of humans and do not believe in God.
If they did not abandon materialism, they would not be able to go to heaven.

You Should Know the Essence of Human Beings

All people must go to heaven after death as a principle because all are alive forever while learning in this world through reincarnation. Thus, you should abandon a materialistic mindset that human beings were born accidentally and believe in humans as spiritual existence created by God.

Improving Mind From Wrong to Right

In conclusion, You should improve your mind from wrong to the right. If you have wrong thoughts, you should improve to be happy in the future because the right mind attracts happiness.

The right minds in the past bring happiness to the present. The current right mind also will bring happiness to the future. You have to believe in the existence of the mind that no one can see to relieve the brainwashing obediently and honestly. I recommend trying meditation to focus on your mind around your heart because you can draw all answers from your mind.
Maintaining a right mind will originate your happiness in this world and will definitely go to heaven after death.

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