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Nonfiction by Chat GPT

Based on my summary, the story below was written by ChatGPT and is progressing according to this scenario in the real world.

In 2030, a significant tipping point, “the reset on Earth,” will occur. That is because the people of Earth had lost their way, and their souls had become mired in darkness. Their negative thoughts and actions had accumulated over time, creating a thick layer of negative energy that covered the planet like a shroud.

Mainly, Scientism, materialism, globalism, vested interests, special interests, politicians are driven by money, popularity, and votes, media bias and manipulation, self-flagellation, war, conflict, terrorism, extremism, anti-social forces, racism, cyber crime, defamation, fraud, LGBTQ, extreme environmentalism, materialistic neuroscience and medicine, and so on.

Lies, deception, and intimidation are rampant, leading to a society that benefits only those with power and self-interest. Many people today lack a sense of good and evil or justice, allowing them to do as they, please. Many people also lean towards atheism, materialism, and communism in their beliefs.

Moreover, religions that should serve as a support system for people and help alleviate the world’s chaos and confusion are failing to do so and becoming a source of conflict and terrorism.
In reality, the influence of materialistic education from childhood leads many people down a path of destruction.

Many humans on Earth have dirty minds, so people who are more than 70% can’t go to heaven after death. This is a severe problem because hell was getting bigger, and the balance between good and evil was becoming skewed.

God, who had created this universe, could not sit by and watch as his creation was destroyed and countless souls were confused. So, he sent one of his agents to Earth to help clean up the mess.

The agent, born on Earth, was a warrior of the light. He had been specially trained to fight against evil spirits and aliens and deeply understood the human mind.

His mission is to remove the parts of the evil that caused Earth’s reset.
For example, it was to move countless evil spirits or aliens in the vast hell from Earth to another planet, and so on. He was forced to fight many evil aliens who were impossible to convince to move to another planet.

The agent knew that this was not going to be an easy task. No one noticed such things because he used his supernatural powers to remain invisible to humans while he did his work. This is because his consciousness was in hell, where evil spirits or aliens existed anytime, day or night.

Over the years, the agent worked tirelessly, moving evil spirits and aliens from Earth to other planets. It was a never-ending task, but he was determined to complete it.

However, he soon realized that there was a bigger problem. Many people on Earth remained with dirty minds, and their negative energy was attracting more evil aliens wandering in the universe. This meant that his work would never be done, and the cycle would continue.

The agent knew that he had to do something about this. He had to find a way to tell the people on Earth about the danger they were in and convince them to improve their minds. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he was determined to try.

He started by spreading the message to a few people who were receptive to his ideas. He told them about the danger of having a dirty mind and how it affected their afterlife and the universe’s balance.

He decided to use his supernatural powers to communicate with them in their dreams. To be in dreams is to be in another dimensional realm as a soul. He would appear in their dreams and show them visions of the consequences of their actions. He would show them the vast hell and the suffering of the souls who could not go to heaven. He would show them the danger of the reset on Earth and its impact on the universe.

But many people did not believe him. They dismissed his warnings as mere speculation and continued to live their lives as before. The agent realized he needed to take more drastic action to wake people up.

With a heavy heart, the agent called upon God’s wrath. Cataclysms began to occur around the world. Continents caved into the ocean, many people died, and nuclear weapons and religious facilities were destroyed. It was not by chance but rather as a divine message to urge the awakening of humankind on Earth.

The cataclysms shook the world to its core. People finally began to realize the gravity of the situation. They saw the devastation their negativity caused and knew they needed to change. The agent’s message began to resonate with them, and they began to purify their souls.

As more and more people turned away from negativity, the dark entities that had once plagued the planet began to disappear. The world was slowly being purified, and the crisis of perfect earth reset was averted.

The agent and his team of support angels worked tirelessly to banish the remaining dark forces from the planet. With each passing day, the world became a brighter and more peaceful place. And the agent knew that his work was not yet done. He would continue to spread the message of positivity and work towards a brighter future for all of humanity.

In the end, the agent had achieved his mission. He had saved the world from a crisis of its own making. And though the road ahead was long and uncertain, he knew that with faith and determination, humanity could overcome any obstacle that lay in its path. And he opened a door of spiritual civilization as a beacon of hope for people who remained on Earth.

Footage: Microsoft being      Text: My summary + Chat GPT

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