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The reset on Earth

“The reset on Earth”
Dystopia that the ignorance of humankind caused.

The significant cause that the earth must be reset is the ignorance of human beings, the worldly education of materialism, and the existence of religion.
Moreover, there were the deadly sins of educational leaders in the spiritual world.
Especially educational leaders with sins were spirits who created each religion, such as Jesus, Allah, and Buddha.
Hell territory has rapidly expanded for 34 years, from 1986 to 2020. They could not stop the rapid expansion of Hell because they used religion to preach a false belief in God.

It is a severe circumstance where more than seven out of ten people, after death, fall into Hell, or, More than 70 percent of 8 billion people cannot go to Heaven after death.
This negative abnormality has affected this planet and encouraged the reborn of earth.
That is “the reset on Earth.”

The reset on earth started in 2020. Unfortunately, no one noticed it because I performed the reset in the invisible world, the spiritual world, as the reform of Hell, the reform of Heaven.
Almost souls escaped and went to another planet from earth. The soul’s figure was over 70 billion.
And then, the earth started itself reset in February 2023 after souls ended moving to another planet.

In the fourth dimension world, meaningful regions and countries went down to the bottom of the sea in order.
As a result, the same situation in the fourth dimension world will also reflect this 3D material world because this 3D material world and the fourth dimension world are connected.

From now on, various regions, countries, and continents will descend to the bottom of the sea. Almost 8 billion will be impossible to survive because each continent and ocean could happen reversal phenomena.

First, countries and regions with nuclear weapons will devastate, and each religious facility will collapse because these are the root of all evil for human beings.
Furthermore, each continent will go down to the ocean.

Consequently, I want to tell everyone that it would be best to improve from a negative to a positive mind by learning the cause of reset as knowledge and experience because you will grow as a soul, even if you pass away.
Because you are alive as a soul forever.

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