Mind Alchemy

The Real Meditation

The effect of this meditation can far transcend the capacity of human beings that we usually have because it becomes possible to move our consciousness to other dimensions freely. By doing this real meditation, I could obtain the ability to talk with invisible beings.


Meditation as Mindfulness

Meditation as mindfulness is great because everyone can focus on their mind to end habits of distraction in daily life.
It would be best to accept and concentrate on what is going on right before you without avoiding reality.
That meditation has a great mean even if you can not continue only for a few minutes every day. It is important to continue meditation.
As a result, you will reinforce your ability to focus on the various work at hand.

The “Mind” does not Exist in the Brain

However, I realized the very significant things many people have a misunderstanding about the “mind.”
When everyone has to focus on their mind, they will have consciousness in their brain.

In that case, the real effects of meditation will not appear easily because the”mind” doesn’t exist in the brain.
Everyone should release their misunderstanding about that before meditation.

Please never misunderstand about “mind.”

“mind” never exists in the brain as material, as mention by the brain scientist.
Because most people in the world misunderstand where the mind exists. “mind” exists around the heart as invisible existence, but no one can usually see it.

Because the “mind” is not a material composed of visible things in this world, the “mind” usually exists in the spiritual world that no one can confirm, and the “mind” never keeps stability because it’s always moving in the spiritual dimension to depend on the person’s mental condition.

Reaching the Spiritual Truths

Everyone has the spiritual truths into the depth of their mind. I have gained the spiritual awakening from meditative practice 30years ago. Through a certain opportunity, I have experienced long meditation for 49 days, more than 8 hours a day every day. Cleansing my mind and had self-reflection time opened my third eye to confirm the spiritual world. 

As a result, I reached my profound mind as consciousness and could obtain unknown power or abilities to talk with spiritual existence using telepathy. And I could find the spiritual truths in my own mind. I have continued to research the spiritual facts of my own mind thanks to the cooperation of invisible existence ever since.

As a result, I realized that so many people misunderstand the “mind” fundamentally.
We should believe “mind “as the invisible existence around the heart, and we concentrate on “mind.
But unfortunately, we can usually connect with only part of the shallow or surface “mind” because it is not easy to communicate with the most profound mind.

However, the spiritual truth exists in the deepest parts of our minds. Our own deepest parts of mind area are connecting with other people’s minds and also with God.
We can share in the vast consciousness that exists in the deepest parts of our minds. That’s why human beings are called “a child of God.”

The Real Meditation

I want to recommend that you carry out ” real meditation” like what I’ve experienced.
However, I don’t recommend that you should abandon the faith you have believed in so far.

Because If you could feel something like connecting with all creatures or God in your most profound mind because of “real meditation,” the faith that you believed in would change stronger and real.

You can obtain happiness in this world as well as in another world, absolutely because of that.

Thus, I would like to tell you the human essence without mentioning religion; it is a human essential philosophy and spirituality.

How can we Reach the Deepest parts of our Minds?

It is necessary to practice the meditation of spiritual truths. But, before that, we must believe that the invisible world exists absolutely. It is essential to purify our own mind with meditative practice as if we recover a pure and undoubted child’s mind.

If someone can practice meditation, they will feel the mysterious change of their mind. And I believe that a person who experiences it will be able to get true happiness.

I hope many people will be awake about spiritual truths.

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