I’m Toshitaka Kamimura         

I was born on May 17th, 1958. I’m from Kagoshima in Japan.               

Mind alchemist, Prophet as God Agent, Spiritualist, Philosopher, Religious thinker, Designer, Artist

I have been working as a designer, an Interior or architectural designer, and Glass Artist with my own design company in Tokyo or Saitama prefecture for more than 20 years after working at a glass company as a glass designer for five years and a graphic design company as a graphic designer for seven years in Tokyo.

I was awakened to my spiritual mission and role to spread and tell everyone spiritual messages worldwide when I was 33 years old.
Because I was awakened by the miracle that happened to me that I obtained unknown power from various spiritual phenomena.

I have tried meditation spontaneously during led by invisible existence to have self-reflection, cleansing the mind, and looking back over the past in my life of 33 years for 49 days, 8 hours a day.
As a result, I could gradually feel that my mind became clear and purified like a baby’s mind.

One day, When I stayed at home Suddenly, An eye appeared from the white wall. I was surprised, but I was not quite scared because I felt warm energy. Since then, I could see the existence of the eye anytime, anywhere, even if I closed my eyes. It’s because my third eye opened.

Moreover, I could recover from my severe disease thoroughly for a gift. It is because when I was a glass designer, I suddenly had a severe brain disease with right-side body paralysis.

I underwent various spiritual phenomena and out-of-the-body experiences when I practiced meditation at home for 49 days, for more than 8 hours a day every day.
Then I went to hell, heavens as a soul to make sure their situation. and I went into the universe as a soul to encounter essential God.
Since then, I could communicate with various spiritual and invisible supernatural beings and aliens easily, and one day was enlightened like a Buddha about my mission and role, which is being led of the spiritual world.

However, I had not started anything to carry out my mission and role since then. It’s because I needed to have various social experiences and obtain knowledge to help many people worldwide.
Since then, like a lie, I could make my dream come true for 25 years to do the design job I wanted.

Still, I had experienced various spiritual phenomena many times when I had private time during busy work. Honestly, I had doubted many times about why I do not yet conduct my mission and role. I was enlightened, and when I would start. Therefore, I have waited for initiating very patiently for 26 years due to prematurely.
For this reason, I could confirm people’s ideas, the trend of the times, and global tendencies in detail.

At last, I have started the activity in earnest to reform in hell in the fourth dimension world on earth since November 2020. I have led more than three billion hell spirits, including devils, evil spirits and ghosts, etc., to go to heaven for two months and a half. As a result, famous devils, etc., who intervened to humans don’t exist in hell now. however, currently, many new hell spirits originate one after another. If mediums, spiritualists, and religious leaders who have the right spiritual abilities can confirm this fact, they will understand.

In parallel, I was fighting battles with many evil aliens who formed shadowy organizations in the past.
Moreover, a gigantic number of evil aliens came from the universe to hell on the earth instead of hell spirits who went to heaven. Because the wrong mind of human beings calls for them instead of hell spirits. The law of attraction worked.I have been communicating with them using unknown power, spiritual abilities, and magic for fighting while bringing my consciousness to the fourth dimension. These fighting and communicating have continued now.

Before that, I published my Japanese version blog and E-books to confirm readers’ reactions and help them since 2017 in advance. And then, I have started writing this English version blog in English directly since 2021.From now on, I’m going to publish many books and give many lectures abroad about the real spiritual, supernatural, and God messages many people worldwide should know.

Many people worldwide should change from negative to positive minds to prepare for going to heaven.
Because I will carry out God’s plan for what happens on this earth shortly.