Don’t Close to Haunted Places

It is dangerous, you should not go there because ghosts also hunt for humans. Though spirits can recognize humans, normal humans can not make sure of spirit entities. If devils or land-bound demons instead of ordinary ghosts were there, they would toss about humans freely, so you should not relate to them positively. They are the tragic figures of the human afterlife that they don’t realize who they are. However, we can learn things from them about how to live in this world.

Questioner/ Oh, really? That sounds terrifying. I actually would like to see ghosts myself to prove that they are real. How can ghosts hunt us, anyway?

Ghosts haunt people with negative minds, causing illness and injury. People possessed by evil spirits cause crime. Ghosts exist everywhere, in each house, town, hospital, and nursing home. You do not need to go to see ghosts. The number of ghosts wandering after death in this world is increasing. This is because, before dying, most people do not believe in existing heaven due to the trend of materialism in this world. Most human beings, after death, can not go to heaven. This is a very severe problem.

Questioner/ Is that a widely accepted viewpoint in Japan? For example, there are special rituals and offerings to the ancestors in Africa and South America.

This is not a mindset problem. This is common in the world currently. Most ghosts of about 70 percent of the earth’s population are unaware of their death. They can not be helped by special rituals, funerals, and offerings to the ancestors. Even more, currently, monks and priests of each religion can not save them. In addition, sutras or bibles are not helpful anymore. So it is a dire situation. So far, I have contacted and encountered countless ghosts anywhere, I have to tell them that they have already died each time. This is a fact on the planet currently.

Questioner/ Interestingly, you say you have been in contact with ghosts. Is there a particular process or situation to do it, and do they come to you?

My third eye opened 30 years ago because of meditating for a long time. After that, I studied the spiritual world through experiences, such as heaven and hell, while I was contacting invisible beings. As a result, I obtained spiritual abilities that can explain scientific and physical situations. I have published many books in Japanese since three years ago. I will go abroad to spread my spiritual philosophy after improving my English skills and translating books.

Questioner/ It’s good then that you are using this process to improve your English. Translating from Japanese to English could be a challenge, so are you using publications and websites to help you?

I want to help many people so that they do not become ghosts after death. This is because many people misunderstand that they do not relate to ghosts. Even devils are figures of after-death in humans. All people can decide the whereabouts of ghosts depending on their mental situation. Humans need to have a positive mind by knowing the truth. Ghosts exist in other dimensions next to you. It would be best if you did not fit that harmful wavelength they exist. I write articles in English directly. I want to know how to write the correct sentences.

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