What is The Key to Opening The New Future?

Scientific technology, such as computers, the internet, and AI technologies, has been developing with tremendous momentum since the digitalization before a couple of decades on this planet.
While it is convenient and beneficial, but it is also harmful and demerit.
Still, most people will expect a peaceful society in the future that will be made by its technology.

However, the future will not come on the extension line of the current science and technology that many people expect because they have lost sight of significant ideas and thoughts as humans they originally have.
If the ideas and thoughts in current people will not change anything, human beings will be defeated by AI technology and its robots and cyborgs in the near future.

Many People are Accepting Materialism

Nowadays, many people have been skeptical of the invisible world due to expanding materialism around the world.
Many researchers only focus on the brain as the most important of humans, and many scientists replace the existence of the mind with the brain material. Thus, many people believe in materialism as a fact.

Similarly, countries without good minds violate human rights because they have a strategy that regarded human beings as material. Those ideas and thoughts originate from materialism.
Thus, wrong ideas and thoughts that believe in the materialism of many people actually are easier to accept their materialistic countries.

The Future is Closed by Materialism

Moreover, their materialistic countries depend on the importance of advanced scientific technology as totalitarian because it is useful for them to dominate the world by developing AI technology and robots and cyborgs. Therefore, if advanced scientific technology would develop as propaganda, it could fascinate people, companies, and countries worldwide.

However, all people, companies, and countries can be deceived by their untruth or deceit. It is not good to look only at the surface of things without deeply considering their materialistic countries’ ideas and thoughts. “Do not judge the book by its cover!”

I want to say, “We should not accept and agree with materialistic ideas and thoughts because no one can find a prolific and peaceful future there.”

Exploring Mind and Recognizing Dimension

I think humankind on this planet does not recognize the most important essence of humans and why humans are alive on this planet because they are behind exploring and pursuing the invisible world as a spiritual or mental aspect. They lose sight of important aspects compared to the other planet’s advanced scientific technology.

No matter how advanced science and technology develops, a peaceful society like heaven will not absolutely come unless they understand humans’ essence and why humans are alive on this planet.
Strictly, because advanced scientific technology on this planet in the future needs to be more beyond dimension recognition than this 3D material world where we are alive.

Understanding the dimension recognition is equal to understanding humans’ essence because humans are material and spiritual existence.
Moreover, everyone should explore and pursue their minds to understand humans’ essence because the “mind” exists beyond various dimensions.

The Ideas and Thoughts that Should Abandon

This planet must go to the next future beyond materialism, but abandoning the materialistic idea ​will be the key to opening a new future.

Even more, atheism and agnosticism also should be abandoned.
In short, all people should believe in God and the invisible existence and world beyond this world.

That idea will definitely bring people who believe in them to the next future.

The Reason Why People Awaken to The Right Faith and Dimension Recognition

The next future should have the ideal goals that other planets had already achieved, a prolific and peaceful society like heaven.
Space people who live on the other planets could realize the ideal world because they had the right faith and dimension recognition. Moreover, they also could develop advanced scientific technology far beyond this planet because of their advanced consciousness that they have supernatural power, such as telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, etc.

Fundamentally, space people who live on the other planet are also our brothers alive on this planet.
Even if space people have a physical body different from human beings on the earth, they are definitely our brothers as souls.
Thus, if all people on this planet would be aware of and developing potential supernatural power, we could go to the next future.

On the other hand, If many people have an attachment to materialism, atheism, and agnosticism, Human beings will face the future defeated by AI technology shortly.
In conclusion, people and countries in the world will be dominated by totalitarian countries without good minds using robots and cyborgs of AI technology.

This planet’s people must awaken to these significant ideas and thoughts because the tipping point is now on this planet in the universe.
If all people would abandon materialism, awaken to the right faith, and recognize the essence of human beings, It could be the key to opening the new future.

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