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The Harmful Effect of Materialism

Humanity loses in material civilization Current people proceed to a meaningless world because they are affected by the wrong idea of materialism and material science. We are alive as humans in the material world but are we only substances beings? All materials have uses, by date, because they will decay in the future. Humans also have destinies that they will die in the future. Therefore, many people are pursuing substances to convince them of that fact. Moreover, they make war to obtain money and substances. I feel empty, and if so, this world is not meaningful.

Questioner/ What do you think is the meaning of life?

The minds that only believe in visible substances bring evil. Meanwhile, we must focus on the invisible ones more than that because humans are spiritual beings. Thus, we need to think about the meaning of our life in this world. If humans are born to learn various things in this world, we need to acquire the necessary spirituality through materials and substances to improve our potential abilities. Humans must grow as long as they are alive.

Questioner/ I agree with you. What do you think will be the next phase for humanity, if we continue to pursue only material things? Do you think humans will change in the future and understand that they’re mistaken?

The truth is everyone is supposed to be understanding it in their most profound mind. The important spirituality is love, wisdom, beauty, harmony, peace, bravery, challenge, freedom, effort, impression, prosperity, development, etc. No one can confirm and hold these spiritualities by seeing them with their own eyes because spirituality is invisible. Many people easily forget the significance of spirituality because they depend on materials and substances too much. If humanity doesn’t recognize this truth, the entire continent will be in massive catastrophes, and many people will die until we notice those things.

Questioner/ I understand. You have a good point. Many people are becoming minimalists these days. It’s good to see people don’t care about material things as much as before.

It will be challenging for many people to change because, currently, the entire society accepts the tendency to rely on materialism, even if more people are beginning to like minimalism. Minimalism is a lifestyle that does not depend on substances, but materialism is evil that damages human nature. Many people have lost their human rights because the number of countries that believe in materialism is increasing on the planet. This is because humans are regarded as material.

Questioner/ I understand. Whose fault is it that we have such values and systems in the world? Is it the fault of capitalism?

It is society’s responsibility to accept the wrong idea of materialism over a long time. I don’t think capitalism is evil because moderate capitalism is necessary for people to live in a thriving economy. This is the problem of mindset, idea, and thought. It means that the time has come for us to have the mindset that is important for human beings.


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