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We Should Recognize the Parallel World

In science fiction, there is a story that one more reality exists in the identity dimension anywhere in the distant universe. Theoretical physics also builds up a hypothesis in a parallel world like that. If the quite same beings as us are alive on another planet, it is interesting, but what does it mean in the case that they existed? Meanwhile, someone’s avatar is active in virtual reality, such as the metaverse. This also may be said to be a parallel world. Metaverse is a virtual reality space that takes communication with others in various situations that leaves reality using an ideal avatar instead of a player. You can spend your ideal life as your other self in the metaverse. Thus, it has the danger of being attacked by a mental disease, as you can avoid reality if you are into the metaverse.

Meanwhile, we live in a parallel world in this 3D material world and a spiritual world of over four dimensions. All humans live with avatars existing in the parallel world. However, almost no one knows this significant fact and tries to understand it. Unfortunately, most people lose sight of their compass and sense of value in their life.

Humans consist of a physical body and a spiritual body as the soul. The physical body is on the ground in this 3D material world, but the invisible soul exists in more than the fourth dimension. It can be said that such a state lives in parallel, but the soul requires the physical body because the soul must live in this world. Meanwhile, the soul has some avatars divided into the avatars of five or six souls as brothers of one’s past life. You and your avatars living in another world are spending their life in parallel.

A personal soul, including avatars, must grow and evolve toward God. For that, the best educational place is the planet’s ground of this third dimension world. Most souls live in heaven to work, but the souls are reborn on the ground to obtain knowledge and experience because the ground is easier for them to grow and evolve. Moreover, when one soul of the leading soul or avatars is born on the ground in order, the souls born before must protect and lead the ground soul. It is the so-called guardian spirit.

A leading soul and avatars are one personal soul. Thus, those brothers are similar in character, features, abilities, capacity, nature, etc. Therefore, your guardian is easier to protect and lead because you and your guardian’s soul resemble. In conclusion, people who live on the ground should always recognize the guardian soul and soul brothers’ existence to get protection or lead as their compass and sense of value. This is because you are alive with them in the parallel world.


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