The official name is “Happy Mind Alchemy.” 
Emblem’s definition is a double heart shape that expresses the “mind.”
it means that the outside and inside blank of the “mind.”
it covers and connects with all space and the multidimensional world.
The entire emblem expresses golden shining the deformation of the character of “M.”

I provide spiritual messages as the life philosophy that mentions the human essence to help your belief and save your mind.        I want to tell you “the essence of human beings” you should know by my enlightenment that opened the third eye.

Therefore, I can tell you to be happy by understanding the essence of human beings as souls that you live forever by improving your “mind.”
The human being’s essence is the Mind. The definition of “Mind” is the essence of human beings. The “Mind” also says “Heart” as a synonym.

Exploring the “mind” is the most important thing to understand the essence of human beings.

The “mind” is located in the center of souls and around the heart, but many people misunderstand the existence of the “mind.”
The mind does not exist as material in the brain because no one can see it as an invisible existence.

The mind continues to be alive with the soul forever after death. That “Mind” is also yourself as a soul.
Therefore, you must live having the right “mind,” and you should maintain a positive mind to explore, polish, and purify your mind while alive in this world.

If you could do it, you could obtain unknown abilities or support, and you could be happy in this world and the afterlife.
Life doesn’t always go according to plan, but you would be led by a guardian angel or supporting spirits to an ideal method.

Overall, these blog articles also serve as a rudimentary knowledge of spiritual philosophy, written in a way that is easy to understand. I sincerely hope these blog articles will bring you the right outlook on life and lead you to a spiritually happy life.