What Human Beings are

I want to mention what human beings are. Probably, many people may call for scientific evidence about what human beings are. However, I would strongly like to say science can prove only the hypothesis.
Moreover, the idea collapses due to new findings and theories, and one view replaces another. It is a thing science history has proved.

Nevertheless, most people espouse and believe in modern science. This is because modern science will originate new convenient technologies that fit contemporary society. In addition, many people are more comfortable with things that are backed by scientific evidence.

Meanwhile, religion must mention theoretical evidence of why we should believe in God if a person who believes in God is saved. Moreover, religion should teach using religious theories in detail about what humans are until most people are convinced.

Each religion does not evolve due to inherent traditional teaching compared to science. Religion teaches universal things and does not need to evolve like science. It would be arrogant if religion says this.
What is religion good for?

Even though wars or conflicts do not disappear on the earth due to various religions, why do many people need faith in something religious?
Does it make sense for people to believe in various gods?
It is wrong to fight because they insist that their religion is correct.

On the other hand, science avoids arguments about God or the invisible as agnosticism and shifts the responsibility to religion. Moreover, science continues to be attached to a sense of the value of the 3D material world and pursues it. As a result, the answer to what human beings will not be found in the mindsets of science and religion.

I think science and religion need drastic revolutions now. Science should focus on the world over the fourth dimension, which is the invisible world or spiritual world.

Meanwhile, religion should understand what God is like. The god in religion on earth is not the god. For instance, Buddha, Jesus, and Allah are sacred beings that educate our souls on earth, but they are not gods because they exist in eight or nine dimensions.
The only true God is the Origin, God existing in the 23rd dimension.

The Origin God initially created an all-dimensional world as spiritual from the 23rd to the fourth dimension. Most souls are alive in the fourth or the fifth dimension in spiritual dimensions. Therefore, God later created the 3D material world by wishing souls to grow to higher dimensions.
So, the countless planets of the 3D universe are created to educate souls.

In short, this planet is also a school to educate souls.
In conclusion, humans consist of physical bodies existing in the 3D material world and souls existing more than the fourth dimension. The physical body is only material, but souls are alive forever.

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