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Why does The Earth have to be Reset?

Because big problems happen in their mind for humankind on earth.
More specifically, So many people lost sight of the belief that the essence of humans is spiritual existence.


A Strange Phenomenon is Happening

There are about 7.7 billion human beings on earth, but nearly 70% of them can not go to heaven after death because they have the wrong mind/ idea that this world is the real world for humankind.

I noticed something is off about the abnormal increase of ghosts because I observed Ghosts’ situation for over 30 years. Noticing that, the reality in spiritual was a major eye-opener for me.

Moreover, that tendency has continued to increase rapidly.
This strange phenomenon has quite inconsistent with the idea and principle of the earth created by God that humans obtain significant wisdom to grow through reincarnation.

What is the Value of the Earth?

This earth is a beautiful and diverse planet, one of the most beautiful planets in the universe with various beautiful environments and various types of humans created by the love of God.

Therefore, we must learn the most important things from this planets’ excellent environment or situation.
We are born in this world, we obtained various essential things/wisdom, and we have to return to heaven after death.
And we must be reborn again according to the reincarnation system to grow as souls even more.

This planet earth is like a school with the purpose that we grow and nurture our souls.

Thus, this 3D material world is not our hometown or headquarters. Hence there is a true and accurate hometown in heaven that awaits us. Because we are initially spiritual, we must not be attached to physical bodies too much because they will die eventually when the time comes up. If we were dead, our bodies would fade away.

As a result, we should understand and appreciate God’s idea and the principle of ” why we must be alive on earth.”

The Reason that the Earth will Reset

This reset on the earth will happen probability 99 %, but this is the decision, never a prophecy. In this century, abnormal climate and large earthquakes increase, but those are not occurring by chance.
Because God already indicates the warning for the reset to us.

God’s plan has existed that the earth’s consciousness causes crustal deformation by depending on humankind’s mental situation since God created this earth to foster humanity.
I know many skeptics and materialists can not believe this.

However, in the far past, various civilizations of continents went down to the bottom of the ocean overnight, such as the continent of Mu, the Continent of Atlantis, etc.
Those significant events were also the ignorance that they never believe in the spiritual value of humankind caused.

Furthermore, this century can regards that the countries around the world are global societies that can connect with the network compared to when the continent’s civilization in the far past. Thus many people around the world have common wrong ideas and understanding.

What will happen to the Earth after Resetting?

Because of that, the entire continents could most likely go down to the bottom of the ocean overnight, and a crustal deformation will cause it. At that time, all creatures, including humankind, will not be able to live or survive.
Humans, after death, must either go to heaven or hell.
And then, All souls who went to heaven will start to move to other planets to settle down ultimately.

In contrast, All souls who went to hell will be shut in hell without being freed for more than a couple of hundreds of million years until earth recovers from the reset.
In estimate, several approximately 5 billion people out of 7.7 billion can not go to heaven after death if things keep going the way they are.

The Main Reason for the Reset

I can describe the main reason why the earth will reset.

This main mistake is caused by the humans’ mindset of being too attached to substances, people, houses, power, and money in this 3D material world. Most people lost sight of the importance of the “mind/heart” and lost the essence that human beings are spiritual existence. 
Nowadays, the influence of beliefs in materialism, atheism, skepticism, agnosticism, communism, or totalitarianism is expanding.
In addition, Scientific technology biased toward materialism is developing because many researchers and scientists strongly believe in materialism, and they are prejudiced as agnosticism thinking to the invisible world.

There is Nothing after death.  Human beings are Living only in this world.

This fundamental misunderstanding is causing a lot of wrong thoughts and ideas. These bad ideas and opinions are causing various types of problems. For example, there are wars, discrimination, crimes, power struggles, and the issue of poverty. No matter how much time passed, the fundamental misunderstanding still goes on. These problems I realized that never would be solved.

However, world religions are confusing in our time as we know them. Especially, Christianity vs. Islam is a serious problem because the lack of each other’s knowledge and understanding of the world’s religion developed a problematic situation.
On the other hand, there are some of these countries that believe in materialism and atheism. One of these countries infringes on the religious liberty of other countries using power and money. I feel that many people don’t have enough sense of these dangerous thoughts and principles.

The materialist etc., can not have the mindset to accept another world or reincarnation because they believe and depend on materialisms’ scientific technology, money, and power too much. In addition, Materialists, etc., stir up the earth’s environmental issues such as climate change or global warming by emitted carbon dioxide and assist the environmental leftists.

I think they don’t have a belief in God even if they have a specific religion.
Because they don’t believe in love and art and essential principles and ideas God created, they also don’t believe that the earth is alive with great consciousness.

In fact, the earth is also breathing. Thus naturally, climate changes like warming or cooling fluctuate with biorhythm through long years, so it is necessary to analyze the long-term data.

In Photosynthesis, plants will be happy to absorb light energy because they can produce more oxygen.
Moreover, If carbon dioxide increased, rainfall would also increase because carbon dioxide change to dry ice through a chemical change in the cold upper sky.
Plants, microorganisms, and insects will increase more and more on the ground, such as in the desert, because the ecosystem will naturally recover from global warming by rebounding.

The most common mistake is that environmental issues have confused people and reduced the world economy by prioritizing someone’s interests.

The Mind knows the Answer of What is the Essence of Humans

So If another world or reincarnation exists, people who believe materialism would require me to prove it.
And they would call for the definition of the earth’ reset to me.

But if they require or ask me about it, I want to tell them that they already have that answer for themselves in their most profound mind.
They should not require it or ask it outside of them because basically, all human beings are born from heaven already having the answer in their most profound mind, it was just buried in their unconsciousness, and they are not aware of it.

It should consider Why Religion Exists

I would like you to think about why different religions appeared in other countries and times and immersed many people.
Because there are Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Japanese Shinto religion, etc., in the world, but those religions have teachings that improve humans’ minds.

The person who practices the teaching will certainly believe it and would find that answer and realize the importance of the mind.

Strictly speaking, In this century, the believers of each religion are necessary to read Bibel or Sutra, etc., and pray but discovering the truth hiding in the teaching is even more essential.
Because it revealed the truth of the “mind” by the spiritual and the mysterious aspect that no one can usually see.
Because I discovered that the spiritual truth exists in the specific sutra while I obtained support by spiritual existence.

And I am purified my mind by self-reflection and polished through long term, and searched after truth in my mind.
Therefore, It is necessary for the person who practices the teaching to recognize important focus points about the “mind.”

The “mind” never exists as to material in the brain. The mind exists in the invisible world surrounding the heart as a center of the soul.
If the person who practices the teaching would misunderstand it, it is not easy to find the miracle involved in the spiritual world.

A Miracle happened to me after Practicing the Teaching

I attained spiritual enlightenment like Buddha or Jesus because I practiced the teaching of Buddhism exactly to purify my mind 30 years ago.
After that, A miracle happened to me, and I could obtain unknown abilities such as communicating with invisible existence and God using telepathy.

Then, I observed heaven and hell as a soul during sleeping after meditation. I have watched the beautiful blue earth from outer space and encountered the golden God in the most profound universe.
I underwent out-of-the-body experiences like this many times.

After that, I published my blogs and books about the essence of humans, the stories of spiritual and supernatural I experienced to help and save those who have depressions and difficulties.
Officially, Published was after 26 years since that.
Because I have continued to study and pursue if my spiritual experiences were authentic/the fact or not for 26 years while I work my job in general society.

As a result, One day in 2020, I was enlightened by Essential God in my mind about one significant thing. That is about Who I am.

That’s why I recognized my role and mission to tell everyone about reset on earth in a hurry.

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