How to Go to Heaven?

We should confirm them right now because our minds already indicate whether to go to heaven or not while we are still alive in this world. You will confirm what kind of thoughts or ideas occupy your mind, and which one dominates your mind, right or wrong.

For instance, If you always wish other people happiness and think or give something for their happiness, you will go to heaven.
Meanwhile, if you only wish for your happiness and complain to other people or something, you can easily go to hell. Suddenly, when you die in an accident or disaster or something, you will be led to a place matching your mind naturally.

Many people mistakenly thought that they could understand where they will go after death immediately. However, no one can ever understand it easily. It is late to notice their situation and impossible to improve their minds by themselves after death.
Thus, it is important to improve and maintain your mind from negative to positive and obtain knowledge of death’s whereabouts when they are alive.


The Situation of Ghosts is Severe

Currently, there are severe problems why some people can not go to heaven and increasing. I have pursued this situation for 30 years that human beings after death as “ghosts” are expanding.
I understood by stacking the facts that persuade them to go to heaven.

Many ghosts are wandering in this world that is not hell or heaven. They don’t change their whereabouts as they think that they are still alive in this world. However, they have sinned in various cases because they intervene in people’s lives in this world for a long time.

Most souls can not recognize where they are already dead even if welcome spirits from heaven came to help them because they didn’t believe in heaven when they were still alive in this world.
They look like stories in the dream from the situation where they encountered welcome spirits.

In addition, they have a strong attachment to substances, money, people, houses, etc. thus, they are convinced that they are still alive in this world. Because they look the same situation, not changing anything as usual, even more, look like physical bodies despite spiritual bodies. When I underwent out-of-the-body experiences, I realized that it’s easy to mistake them because they have feet, hands, and heads existing.

It is easier for ordinary people to fall into this wondering situation as a ghost if they don’t know anything when they are still alive.
Many people may not believe it. However, it’s inevitable. All of us will eventually die.
Hence, All people should know about this to avoid being a ghost.

What are the Strict Standards of a Person who Goes to Hell?

Probably, many people think that the person who committed big sins in this world, such as murder, has to go to hell. However, it depends on the murderer’s behavior or thoughts before and after committing sins. The murderers should look over the past and have self-reflection in jail in this world. Even more, they must pay for their sins; otherwise, the murderers will go to hell after death.

The Judge doesn’t exist to decide to go to hell after judging right or wrong in the after-death world.
Going to hell or not have as the strict judgment standards in all people’s most profound minds.
The most profound mind connecting with God can not accept the dirty mind with surface or shallow parts. That most profound reason exists under subconsciousness. Thus, The mind has strict standards. The judgment of the mind never makes a mistake.

All people after death can not go to heaven unless feeling sorrow for their past mistakes and try to correct their minds.
Hence, the person who desecrated and dirtied their mind connecting with God in this world is supposed to go to hell spontaneously because all of us is the child of God.
However, even if the person went to hell for a certain time, the person can definitely go to heaven.
Each religion has a different interpretation of that. But this is right.

In addition, materialists and people who do not believe in the existence of God, Heaven, and Hell will also be easier to go to hell because they shut down their true presence and dirty their minds. At that time, they will not realize their situation where they exist in hell.

The Mission and Role of Religion

The founders of various religions have probably established original ideas from experiences obtained by spiritual phenomena and messages from God.
New religion originated to match the cultural level and historical background that the country had with that period after a process like that.
Thus, when someone compares the definition of heaven and hell from the teaching of each religion, they will realize the differences between them.

However, I don’t think those religions’ different ideas are wrong because those ideas have brought happiness for many people and believers by praying and believing in God for an extended period.

As a result, In this century, all countries or regions and people could connect and communicate with global or international without borderline because of developing technology and rising education level.

However, the original teachings not matching this modern society is a lot. In fact, religious leaders or mediums should not improve from original to new teachings freely unless believers connect with God directly to obtain spiritual messages.
Moreover, religious leaders or mediums need to examine carefully whether the original God is right or not because devils who impersonate God exist.

Must-Do and Know, When We are Alive

Therefore, all people should understand with current words through spirituality and divinity what the essence of human beings common with each religion is aside from the original teaching of each religion.
In addition, I would like many people to know what the truth is, why the person must live in this world.

Initially, all people already have those answers in the most profound minds. I want many people to open their most profound minds to know the truth. You must know that your mind is yourself because, after death, your mind’s condition when living decides the destination if you can go to heaven or not.

Even more, you should change and improve from a negative to a positive mind right now because no one knows when you will leave this world.

I want you to go to heaven directly with convinced and need to lead you by guardian spirits because you are easier to go to hell or wander as a “Ghost” if you don’t know anything afterlife.

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