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Cleansing Mind Recover from Disease

Severe mental conditions in mind cause diseases. Also, all patients depend too much on medical care or medicines when they have diseases. Therefore, they are forced to keep the painful disease condition. This is also a mental problem. They think medical care or medicines treat their diseases but help withdraw their potential treatment power. In short, not everyone believes in their potential abilities and power to recover from diseases. That’s why they quickly recover from their diseases if they believe that conditions definitely recover because their mind is the cause of the disease.

Questioner/ That is quite interesting. I had never thought about this before. Do you mean people can heal from certain conditions just by applying their minds to the condition? This is quite new to me.

Thirty years ago, I became paralyzed on the right side of my body due to a brain infection and an incurable disease, and I almost died. Docter and family thought my severe disease was a challenge to recover completely. However, I could recover from my disease completely because a miracle happened to me. My doctor was surprised at what happened. Since then, I’ve stopped going to a hospital and taking medicines. The cause of that miracle happened is that I improved using the independent way my severe mental condition in my mind at home after I left the hospital.

Questioner/ I am happy to hear that you were able to recover from that condition. Can what you did be done by the average person? Does it need some special skill?

All people can use their mind power that exists in the potential consciousness, but they don’t know that. I’ve learned how to recover from disease while exploring my profound mind and pursuing the invisible world where negative thoughts fly around for 30 years. I completed recovering from sicknesses as the original theory. This is because I want all people to have miraculous experiences with it. However, the most important is removing negative thoughts or uncleanness in the mind. In addition, it’s necessary to understand the mind’s nature or secret power of the mind.

Questioner/ Ah, I see. This is a powerful tool and concept to adopt. Have you taught it to those around you as well? Has it been helpful to them?

I published many books about that in Japanese. When I improve my English skills, write English books, or request translations, I plan to go worldwide to have sessions and lectures. I’ve treated people with severe mental diseases as a test case. That result was evidence of my theory and the way. I can also treat people with them to remote far places. People with any disease have a negative mind. Therefore, I quickly remove the cause of making negative minds. After that, a person with a disease has to start cleansing the mind to improve immediately.

Questioner/ I am pretty sure, you can be able to write another book in English soon! Can you kindly share some of the effective ways of cleansing the mind?

You should cleanse and purify your mind by reflecting on daily life and your life while having meditation habits. I recommend having this habit for around 20 minutes every night. Removing uncleanness on your surface consciousness of mind can withdraw healing power or wisdom from the potential consciousness. You focused on your mind during meditation. The mind is not material. Humans are essentially spiritual beings. That’s why the mind exists in the center of the invisible soul body around your heart. You shouldn’t believe in the wrong information brain scientists mention that the mind exists in the brain.

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