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The Truth to Stop Racism

There is a way to end racism worldwide. First, all people need to understand the truth about the invisible world and why humans are alive on the planet. However, the fact or truth has been hidden. This is because humanity has gone toward material civilization.
In the past, the story of how God created humans was described in the Old Testament, but it had vague details and became just another religious story like the others. In short, material civilization confined those stories to the field of religion. In addition, each religion justifies its teachings in ways that conflict with other beliefs.

Questioner/ Thank you for making some valid points. Racism is indeed terrible and should not exist in this world. Have you ever experienced it firsthand in your life?

When I transferred to another elementary school, a group of students bullied me because of my skin color. After I fought the leader of the group one-on-one, I got along with them and became popular in school.
I think that bullying is similar to racism. Even though we are all humans, we are apt to see biases by only looking at differences.

Questioner/ If that’s the case, how do we remove racism? Morals and religions should have essentially played the role of eliminating racism.

You have misconceptions about their morals and religious missions because racism continues even now. Moral education and religious influence can no longer eliminate racism. The long history proves it. This is because the ways that humans thought as a matter of convenience are moral education or religion. God didn’t create and recommend religions. In short, people who originated moral education and religion have espoused materialism. Moral education or religion has never been beyond materialism. On the other hand, if many people obediently explore the truth about the invisible world and why humans are alive on the planet, we will gain methods to resolve racism.

Humans should not regard humans as material because humans are essentially spiritual beings. Misunderstandings are caused by the tendency to see humans in the same way as materials. However, humans don’t end even if they die.
All humans live in this world as souls, and they need bodies precisely because they live in this three-dimensional material world. Therefore, our souls are our true character.

We grow as souls in various countries and planets through the rebirth system many times. In short, this 3D material world is God’s place for education. I have communicated with spiritual beings to gain this fact.

God set physical bodies of seven kinds of colors to fit this earth’s environment first. Blue or green colors have currently been lost. All people have experienced life as souls in physical bodies living in various regions or countries. For instance, you may have been born in Asia two hundred years ago, Europe five hundred years ago, and Africa seven hundred years ago.

All people must experience various regions, periods, environments, situations, families, jobs, and so on to gain wisdom through knowledge or experiences. Therefore, If everyone knew this fact, racism would not exist because all people experience different positions equally.

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