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Why more ghosts skyrocket

The number of ghosts has skyrocketed for 35 years.
The proportion is more than 70 percent of the world’s population.
Ghosts are wandering spirits who are unaware of their death.
In short, they cannot go to heaven by themselves.
Ghosts can be classified into ordinary spirits, floating spirits, evil spirits, earthbound spirits, demons, devils, and so on.
Strictly speaking, ghosts indicate wandering spirits, including ordinary or floating ones wandering between hell and this world.
People who are ghosts are ordinary individuals who don’t believe in the existence of heaven or hell and are attached to this world. Thus, they commit sins that they possess.

Thus, they commit sins that possess someone and misunderstand what it means to be alive.
After that, they proceed to a suitable hell that fits their wavelength.
This situation of possession by spirits is serious because it can lead to mental illnesses and accidents.
Moreover, when evil spirits possess people, they are more likely to commit crimes due to being deprived of their sanity.
Even more, when demons or devils possess people, they want to dominate or control many people in the political and religious realms.
These horrible and severe things are happening in reality in the invisible world. This is never a dream story.

Fewer spirits can go to heaven independently because this world depends on material civilization. Considering what is happening in this situation, we can understand that world religions are no longer unhelpful.
God created this 3D material world to educate many souls alive for eternity. Thus many souls are born as humans in order from the heaven of the spiritual world. However, as a result, many humans have a misconception about this world, thinking that it is all there is and that they will disappear themselves after death.
This is due to the harmful effects of materialism.
For that, they are forced to hope for the development of medical care to live longer in this world.

However, God didn’t create humans to aim to live longer in this world. They needed to grow and evolve while their souls rebirth many times through reincarnation is the purpose.
God created humans’ physical bodies so that they must learn and gain wisdom from knowledge or experiences while inhabiting those bodies equally. Souls have various levels in the growing process. There are souls in higher or lower dimensions within the vastness of heaven. The souls of higher dimensions have levels of recognition close to God. However, when all souls are born as humans in this world, they cannot recognize who they are because physical bodies have a role that equalizes the soul’s levels.

However, God gave humans abilities for thinking, language ability, activity capacity, freedom, and responsibility. Moreover, all humans have potential abilities as souls.
They can improve and develop those abilities, but they are attached to materials in this world.
Through that process, Currently, many souls as humans stray from the path of righteousness after death humans died.
This is the reason why the number of ghosts has soared.
They need to believe that they are alive as souls forever.
If they believe so, they will hope to live for the happiness of society or others without being selfish and attached to materials.

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