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Aging population & low birth rate

The Japanese and local governments are addressing the complete needs of the social security system, such as more nursery schools, maternity leave, childcare leave for men, an increase in maternity benefits, and social welfare.
Parents focus on having and raising babies while caring for the elderly. This is a very challenging issue because an aging population and a low birth rate are double issues.

Questioner/ I read that Japanese people live to a good old age depending on their diet. Unless they have a private income, such as a pension fund to support them, the state and their families need to provide support. What do you think can be done, especially when we are young?

Japan is in the midst of a turning point from traditional to new customs. People who belong to my father’s generation experienced World War 2 and benefited from the company’s seniority-based wage system. Thus, my father obtained a double pension from the country and his company. Because of that, my father or mother can also use a facility for the elderly. The next generation has already collapsed traditional Japanese institutions because of the impact in America or Europe. The third and fourth generations are confused about the stressed pension system. The government strengthens the social security system to cover that.

Questioner/ I see. I read that if Japan’s death rate continues to outnumber its birth rate, the population of Japan will be less than 100 million in 2050. That’s shocking.

The birth rate decreased for seven years in a row. Meanwhile, the number of older adults with long lives increased with the development of Japanese medical technology and a good diet. However, I think excessive medical technology is not necessary to extend life. Even though the number of facilities for the elderly covered by many taxes only increases, in contrast, young people who pay taxes will decrease. In addition, the elderly in a facility can have a more extended life. There is a negative cycle and a contradiction like this. Essential awareness reform should be carried out.

Questioner/ I am trying to think about what can be done to solve this problem. Do you believe that government can offer incentives to increase the birth rate?

For the government is impossible to adjust the birth rate or death rate. The trend that extended life is best disturbs human’s natural cycle. Many older adults are attached to this world and do not believe in the existence of a heavenly world. Many souls are waiting to be reborn in this world from heaven. In short, there is no room to accept newborns in the country because advanced countries, including Japan, have many significantly older adults. Therefore, many souls are forced to be reborn in a developing country. As a result, more birth rate in developing countries has increased.

Questioner/ You have mentioned something interesting here, you said that souls are forced to be reborn. Please explain that to me.

Human beings are essentially spirits. We live in heaven in a more than four-dimensional world as souls. Earth and other planets belong to the third material dimensional world. We must learn various things through knowledge and experiences in this severe world while we are humans. All souls experience reborn many times repeatedly through the reborn system on this planet or other planets. This is because all souls must grow and evolve toward God.

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