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UFOs Beyond Dimensions

NASA seems to be aiming for manned exploration on Mars by developing nuclear power rockets. Mars exploration will use nuclear energy with max power because the speed-up of rockets can compact spending time. This mindset is the extension of advanced science and technology. However, the method of depending on energy power indicates the limit of science and technology on earth. This is because scientists avoid things they can not understand or explain and the invisible world. Meanwhile, aliens who come to earth said the advanced planets have already graduated from such ideas and thoughts.

Questioner/ This is an interesting topic. I have no in-depth knowledge of Mars exploration though. Please tell me more.

For instance, we can see UFOs moving in unpredictable ways, as shown by the footage disclosed by the Pentagon. Why can UFOs appear and disappear? Moreover, how is it can they travel between planets quickly? Scientists who pursue materials and materialism scientists may not be able to answer that because they do not believe in invisible existence. In addition, most people in the world are also affected by the ideas and thoughts of materialistic scientists. This is not only a scientific issue. The mindset of humans is a severe problem.

Questioner/ You’re absolutely right. It’s a mindset problem, and I’m one of those. I’m inclined to believe in what I can see more than the invisible. Please continue telling me more.

Human beings are essentially spiritual presence. Humans consist of a soul and a physical body. The soul is in the invisible world. However, the physical body is material and is in this world. This world is the 3D material world, the specific world located in a small part of the vast spiritual world. We, humans, wear physical bodies only when we are alive in the 3D material world. The spiritual world composes of many dimensions of more than four dimensions. All souls are alive in each dimension without the physical body because that is their actual figure.

Questioner/ Right, right. This even makes it easier to comprehend. Thank you for explaining it in that way. Please continue.

If all people believe in the existence of the invisible world, science, and technology on earth will move on to the next step in the future. If many scientists focus on the spiritual world, they will notice that humanity falls behind advanced planets. They are coming and going beyond various dimensions using warp in a moment freely. This is because humankind of planets evolved know how to use the spiritual world where the concept of time and space does not exist.

This world is the only 3D material world with a 3D universe. However, this 3D physical world is the lowest level of the vast spiritual world. The more than four dimensions are not the material world. Evolved aliens are familiar with transcending dimensions, so their vehicles can come and go between dimensions. In short, the enormous spiritual world with many dimensions has no concept of time or space compared to this material world. If current scientists understood that theory, spacecraft would be able to arrive at planets in a moment using warp technology.


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