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What Behind The War ?

Wars are caused by competition for the interests of different people. However, we tend to think that the cause of war and its responsibility lies with the side that started the war. The world has portrayed Russian Putin as a villain from the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war. In fact, even in that, the media have manipulated people’s thoughts worldwide. If we are not interested in pursuing the real cause of war, we will believe in the lie forever.

This war case started from important parties. This is because US president Biden stirred up that Russian President Putin will attack Ukraine. I felt that the way he stirred it up was very abnormal. At that time, I doubted that there was something in his background. Then, I pursued to understand what dark background he had, so I needed to investigate to find out who was pulling the wires.

They are also called globalists. There is a deep state hidden by darkness consisting of the world’s rich men, and they can control things using a lot of money in many media, such as CNN. They have acquired rights and interests in companies worldwide. For instance, they support the munitions industry to gain excessive profits. They can make a profit if the war is prolonged. In short, if they instigate huge influences on something worldwide using big investment money, they can create a system that will benefit them.

The deep states behind US president Biden and NATO are the same regarding this war. Ukraine’s president Zelensky is a puppet of Neo-Nazis and President Baiden. Therefore, the real enemy President Putin is fighting is Globalists in deep states. Recently, NATO or US decided to supply various strongest chariots to Ukraine. This is because they aim to prolong the war as globalists. By the way, Former US president Trump has also fought the globalists of deep states, so Trump and Putin got along. However, World leaders, globalists, and media would like to remove this tag team.

Japan depends on national security with America, so the Japanese government definitely supports Ukraine without thinking about whether it has justice or not.
Meanwhile, Middle East countries, India, and Brazil, are on the Russian side and remain neutral. Moreover, as a complicated issue, the world has the most serious problem of China’s invasion worldwide through Taiwan. China versus Deep states–these is the evil powers for humanity we should be concerned about.

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